Outdoor & weatherproof


Outdoor & weatherproof
Soccertable Garlando weatherproof blue with Top Class, HPL playfield

Garlando’s first home football table with top glass, the balls remain inside the playfield area and cannot be lost or stolen. They are conveyed into the playfield by an external device and stay inside all the game long. All matches are quieter as the glass softens the game noises. No possibilities for the balls to be stolen if the table is available to a wide public: this model is especially suitable for communities" the playfield stays cleaner longer. The Class complies with the harmonized European rules EN on safety.

Sliding scale prices:
1-2 units per 1.069,00 EUR
> 2 units per 1.059,00 EUR
from 1.069,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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